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    公司擁有北京和佛山兩大生產基地,共20條全自動生產設備, 生產能力達10萬噸。從原材料的運輸、倉儲、計量混合、擠出、包裝、運輸的各個環節實現自動化運行及質量的全程監控。

    The Company has two production bases distributed in Beijing and Foshan, a total of 20 domestically-leading automatic production equipment with production capacity of 100,000 t/a. Its automatic operation and quality monitoring run through the entire process, including transportation of raw materials, storage, measurement and mixing, extrusion, packaging and transportation.

    公司秉承“造中國第一品質汽車塑料”的質量方針,打造完善的質量控制系統,于2002年3月通過ISO/9001:2000質量管理體系認證,為實現與國際接軌,公司于2006年4月通過ISO/TS16949:2002質量管理體系認證,并于2007年12月通過ISO14001: 2004/OHSAS18001: 1999環境和職業健康安全管理體系認證,使公司的整體管理水平又邁上了一個新臺階。2008年成立了北京聚菱燕塑料有限公司汽車塑料檢測中心,于2009年通過ISO/IEC17025: 2005(CNAS/- CL01: 2006)認可。主要測試設備MFR儀、密度儀、灰分儀、拉伸試驗儀、沖擊試驗儀、硬度儀、色差儀、熱變形溫度試驗儀以及電腦配色系統 (CCM)等。

    The Company carries forward the quality principle to manufacture Top Quality Auto Plastic in China and makes every effort to attain an improved quality management system as below. In March 2002, the Company passed the ISO/9001: 2000 quality management system certification; in April 2006, ISO/TS16949: 2002 quality management system certification in order to achieve international standards; in December 2007, ISO14001: 2004/OHSAS18001: 1999 environmental and occupational safety and health management system certification, upgrading the Company’s overall management to a new level; in 2008, the Company’s Auto Plastic Test Center was established; in 2009, ISO/IEC17025: 2005 (CNAS/- CL01: 2006). The main test equipment includes MFR, density meter, ash analyzer, tensile tester, impact tester, hardness tester, color difference meter, heat distortion temperature tester and computer color matching system (CCM).





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